Tuesday, July 9, 2002

School Song

Do you hear our joyful voices
Ringing sweetly through the skies?
Day by day our heart rejoices
As our thanks to heaven rise,
For our school instructs and leads us
On the way to virtue and love.

Live St. Francis! Live forever
In our mind and in our heart!
Bless our teachers and companions
Be the bond when we depart!

Here we pray, we work together,
For the love of God and men;
Here we study, here we gather,
Here we play and here we gain
And when troubles seems to double
To our school for peace we turn.

Live St. Francis...

As the years fly off together
We, too, march on life hard main.
But St. Francis will forever
Live in mind and heart again;
To encourage, to uplift us
Till we reach our home above.

Live St. Francis!...

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