Sunday, December 14, 2008

SFCCAAON Scholarship Program

This scholarship fund was started in 2003 for children and grandchildren of SFCCAAON members. The purpose is to acknowledge their academic excellence in their high school years and to encourage their pursuit of a higher education. This program is now extended to members of SFCCAAON.

We hope our alumnae will be generous in supporting this endeavor.


The applicant:
1. Is a member of SFCCAAON or a child or grandchild of an SFCCAAON member
2. Is a graduate of an Ontario public or private high school in the current year
3. Will enter a college or university in the current year
4. Has an overall average of at least 80% in Grade 12

Deadline for submission: August 31 of the current year

Click here for the list of scholarship recipients

Click here for the scholarship form.

Please contact us at for submission details.