Monday, December 9, 2013

SFCC Redevelopment Fund Raising Target Achieved! (December 9, 2013)

A message from Jane Cheng, Secretary of SFCC FRC:

We have achieved the fund raising target of 20M as of today. The news was announced by Sr Susanna, current principal of SFCC at the 15th meeting of SFCC Fund Raising Committee held today and Sr Marie, the Chairlady of SFCC FRC also announced the dissolution of the said committee. Despite the fact that SFCC FRC is dissolved, our drive for fund raising will continue for the betterment of the new school school building which is now taking shape.There are still items for donation e.g. donation towards our memory columns, the patrons' louvre in the covered playground of the new school building, naming of school facilities or even as small as a piece of mosaic for our beloved angels...So do keep the pace in fund raising going - our alma mater still needs our support. Potential donors are welcome to visit our website at! 

I have you all to thank for giving your time and energy in rallying support for the fund raising project. This remarkable achievement serves as evidence to our strong sense of identity with our Franciscan spirit, beliefs and values and our confirmed solidarity to our alma mater. And certainly, we are much blessed with God's guidance and support as well.

A thank-you note from Sister Marie, Chairlady of SFCC FRC: 

My dear girls, I want to add my word of most sincere thanks to each and everyone of you and all our alumnae for your great love and support for your Alma Mater. I can only say that I am so proud of you all and I give you each a big hug of appreciation and affection! May you all have a very Holy Christmas and a Happy and Meaningful Year 2014!  The Lord Jesus fill you all with His choicest blessings! Love and prayers, Sr.Marie