Friday, September 8, 2017

SFCC School Historical Archive

The final phase of our school rebuilding will be accomplished in the first quarter of 2018. There will be a School Archive Room (the Archive) in the new school building to store school archives -- a comprehensive historical records of our school from her establishment in 1869 to the present.

Our school is calling upon her past students and friends to donate artifacts and historical materials relating to our school for the Archive.  A School Archive Team, chaired by Nancy Woo with the support of a number of devoted past students, has been set up to support the preparation of the Archive. Also, a briefing was held at school on August 26, 2017 at our school to provide details on the artifacts and materials to be collected for the Archive.

Please click on the links below for additional details:

Appeal for donation of artifacts and historical materials for the Archive

Donation form of artifacts and historical materials for the Archive