Friday, May 30, 2008

Grand Reunion in HK (Sat. Dec. 19, 2009)

From 2009 Grand Reunion Organizing Team members [May 2008]
Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 15:42:13 +0800
Subject: St. Francis 1979 - Our Plan for a Grand Reunion in 2009
Dear Fellow Schoolmates of St Francis,
Approaching 30 years since our F.5 graduation, we would like to organize a Grand Reunion in next year (on 19 Dec 2009, Saturday) for the cohort of Franciscans studying F.1-F.5 during 1974-1979. To facilitate the announcement of this event and to enhance the bonds among our fellow schoolmates living in HK and abroad, we have set up the following two tools in the internet:

a) a Blog "SFCC1979" in
  • Inside it has a link to an e-photo album containing our old class photos and recent photos of some gatherings.
  • It contains the latest news and details of the Grand Reunion in 2009.
  • For security reason, it only contains news, messages and photos. All personal contacts information will and should not be placed in it.
b) a central email account "stfrancis1979" in Google
  • We have now gathered contacts information of over 70 schoolmates! Attached is an excel file with a full name list of F.5A,.5B & 5C and some others of our cohor
  • Contact information will only be circulated via emails.
  • This central email account will be administered by a few of us.
What's expected from all of you in order to achieve our goal and make this event successful:
  1. Save this blog to your website favorites
    - Periodically view it to read latest news about 09 Reunion and messages from our fellow schoolmates
  2. Pass on this email to those not posted in this email list (refer to attached excel) whom you have contacts
    - Make a cc copy to this central email account for administration such that our contact list can grow in size
  3. Write a message about yourself and express your interest to join via Add Comment to this blog
    - Write a message about yourself as most of us have not seen or contacted each other for ages. A few of us have already done so, please view our messages under "Comment".
    - For security reason, don't provide your email address to Skyrock blog.

  4. Pass on photos for uploading to this e-photo album
    - Send photos (or upload link) to this central email account for management.
The initial Organising Party for the Grand Reunion 2009 is as follows:
Programme: Judy Wu, Janet Li, Clarisa Tsun ......
Participant and guest enrolment: Angela Wong, Anna Chiu, ....
Blog management: Rebecca Shum, Eva Tsui …..
We would welcome and seek more of you to join the Organising Party! We've kicked out the ball from the centre, all of you girls ….please keep the ball rolling towards the goal.
Eva Tsui, Janet Li, Judy Wu & Rebecca Shum
(PS: Four of us are mostly communicating via emails, with the first two in HK, third in Taipei and fourth in Belgium . Of course Veronica is an important associate member, who has been most diligently maintaining contacts with many of us over the past years. )

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